Oliva Rhye

Oliva Rhye

Aug 10 2023 - 2 mins Read

Hybrid Seminar by PT HAS Stresses the Role of K3

In a groundbreaking seminar designed for today’s hybrid world, PT HAS successfully brought together a combined audience of 180, with 30 attendees present offline and a commendable 150 participants joining online. The central theme of the seminar was “The importance of K3 Performance in Creating a Productive Work.”

K3, or Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja (Work Safety and Health), has always been a pivotal area for many industries. It emphasizes the crucial role of workplace safety and health in not just ensuring the well-being of employees but also in enhancing overall productivity.

During the seminar, various experts elaborated on the intricate relationship between a safe working environment and an increase in workplace efficiency. When employees feel secure and work in a conducive environment, they naturally tend to be more motivated, leading to better output and overall organizational success.

“The essence of K3 Performance is not just about compliance or adhering to safety standards,” commented a senior representative from PT HAS. “It’s about building a culture where every individual understands the value of safety and its direct impact on their productivity.”

The seminar’s hybrid format allowed for a wider reach and greater inclusivity. Offline participants had the opportunity to engage directly with the speakers, while the online audience benefitted from the convenience of remote participation, ensuring a broad dissemination of the vital knowledge shared.

Interactive sessions, Q&A rounds, and real-life case studies formed the core of the seminar, making it a comprehensive learning experience for all attendees. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many highlighting the seminar’s timely relevance in today’s fast-paced industrial world.

PT HAS continues its mission to promote a holistic understanding of K3 Performance and its undeniable importance in the realm of productive work. Plans for similar future seminars are already underway, keeping in line with PT HAS’s commitment to fostering a safer and more productive work environment.

For more information on K3 Performance and its impact on workplace productivity or to stay updated on PT HAS’s future initiatives, please contact us.

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