25 mm cassettes for asbestos

Asbestos style cassettes are designed with a unique outlet shape, often referred to as a “bell” shape, and are commonly used for asbestos sampling. They are available in a variety of configurations, including 2-piece and 3-piece designs with 2″-long spacer rings known as flaps.

It appears you are describing different types of conductive cassette housings used for air sampling in various applications, including asbestos sampling.

The conductive black polypropylene cassette housing is designed to be leak-free and is made using carbon-filled polypropylene which makes it conductive when properly grounded. Different types of cassette containers have different designs and are suitable for different sampling applications.

Standard two-section housings have a lower surface area compared to three-section or four-section housings, and are ideal for closed surface sampling applications where it is beneficial to minimize contaminants adhering to the walls of the home.

The standard three-piece style housing has an additional ring that separates the inlet from the filter media, and offers greater flexibility for both open and closed surface sampling applications, and is compatible with aluminum cyclones connected to the spacer ring.

The standard four-piece model housing has two additional rings and allows placement of a center filter to meet certain European standards and for shoot-through FTIR cassettes.
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  • The three-piece housing includes an additional ring, usually ½” long, separating the inlet from the filter media.
  • They offer increased flexibility over two-piece models because they are suitable for both open and closed surface sampling applications, and are compatible with aluminum cyclones connected to spacer rings.
  • However, as mentioned above, a larger surface area means greater electrostatic forces, so fewer contaminants enter the filter membrane.

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