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Portable Benzene Detector-Tiger XT (Benzene Specific)-Tiger XT Select

Tiger XT Select is a portable benzene PID gas detector with two operating modes for rapid detection of benzene and Total Aromatic Compounds (TAC) gas that provides accurate and reliable data.

The Tiger XT Select portable benzene PID gas detector is capable of providing a 15-minute short-term exposure limit (STEL) and an 8-hour time-weighted average (TWA) for total aromatic compounds (TACs).

Product Details


  • Enhanced robust design can withstand harsh environments
  • Large internal gas table with over 750 VOC & toxic compounds
  • IP65 ingress protection against various weather conditions
  • Response time <2 seconds, one of the fastest and most accurate on the market
  • Automatic alarms, RED & AMBER with loud 95 dBA speaker
  • Moisture resistant and anti-contamination design ensure optimal performance
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Factory Maintenance
  • Subsea Flow Monitoring
  • Hazardous Material Response
  • TAC Detection at Loading Docks and Barge Operations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we find the PT HAS product on the e-catalogue (LKPP) ?

Absolutely, almost all PT HAS products can be found in the e-catalogue.

How about the warranty for products from PT HAS ?

PT HAS Supply’s products include a 1-year official warranty for damage caused by manufactured defects.

Has the PT HAS product been calibrated? What if the calibration period is over?

Products from PT HAS have been calibrated and are ready to use. For further calibration, PT HAS already has a calibration lab that is ISO 17025 accredited and is ready to help customers who need recalibration.

What if the product has a problem and needs repair?

PT HAS has a local service center (in Jakarta), and our technicians are trained in the manufacture of the products we are agents for. For repairs and troubleshooting, we try to do it locally. and we make sure that the spare parts we supply are official spare parts from manufacturers.

Do we get training on using the tool after making a purchase at PT Has?

For all product purchases at PT HAS, usage training is included and is unlimited.

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