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Isokinetic Sampler Method 5

Apex Instruments offers automated and manual source sampling systems for determining particulate emissions and toxics in flue gases. These systems are designed to comply with the U.S. EPA Reference Methods as outlined in CFR 40 Part 60 Appendix A.

In addition, Apex Instruments offers method-specific sampling kits that include all components necessary to perform a specific sampling method, but do not include a meter console or pump, which must be selected separately. It is important to note that some method kits may require combining with other kits to create a complete sampling system.

The XD-502 digital method 5 sampling console by Apex Instruments is a versatile and efficient tool for stack testers. It is part of the Peak 32 series and is powered by a PIC32 microcontroller module, providing a variety of features to make sampling more convenient and efficient.

One of the main advantages of the XD-502 is its ability to monitor various parameters such as gas velocity, temperature, pressure, sample flow rate, and volume, which are important for maintaining isokinetic sampling conditions. The backlit display can be read in sunlight, making it easy to read under any lighting conditions.

The XD-502 is designed to test a wide range of pollutants from stationary sources, including particles such as PM 2.5 and PM10 fractions, metals, PCBs, dioxins/furans, PAHs, and many others.

It can also be adapted for other procedures such as Methods 2, 4, 17, 23, 26A, 29, 201A, and 202, depending on the requirements of the sampling project.

Overall, the XD-502 is a powerful and versatile tool for stack testing, offering a range of features to make sampling more efficient and accurate.

The XC-572 Source Sampling Console is the metric version of the XC-523. It is a fully featured, compact and lightweight Isokinetic Source Sampler. It has all the great features you want and the reliability you need. Field installation is easy with its non-reversible external pump connection and industry-standard 4-pin electrical connector. (External sample pump separately).

The console allows the operator to monitor gas velocity, temperature, pressure and sample flow rate to maintain isokinetic sampling conditions. All applicable components are rated 120V/60Hz or 240V/50Hz.

Apex Instruments’ Method 23 (Modified Method 5) source sampling kit is used for the determination of dioxins and furans (D/F) using EPA Method 23 or for the determination of semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) using EPA Method 0010.

The sampling circuit is similar to the standard Method 5 system, but with the addition of a water-cooled glass condenser and XAD sorbent module followed by an impinger knockout. The XAD module collects semi-volatile organic compounds and is analyzed separately from the particles collected on the filter.

The kit includes all components required for the sampling circuit except the meter console and pump, which must be selected separately.

The Method 201A heated probe is designed to sample particles from stationary sources. This probe is used in conjunction with the Particle Measurement Cyclone Kit to create the Method 201A Probe.

It features a 1-inch diameter sheath made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which houses a 3/8-inch modular offset pitot tip, a K-type thermocouple for stack and probe temperatures, and an orsat line.

The probe also includes a probe heater and a 1/4-inch stainless steel quick connect for easy installation and removal.

Standard lengths for the probes range from 5 feet to 12 feet, and longer lengths and special orders are available upon request.

Probes are sorted by nominal length (liner), with the effective length less than one foot of the nominal length. Probe liners must be ordered separately to complete the setup.
Apex Instruments

Product Details


  • Isokinetic sampling sourcre reference USEPA Method 5 & SNI 7117.17:2009
  • Metric console
  • Lubricant pump
  • Delux glassware
  • Umbilical cable
  • Linear probe
  • Heater

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Can we find the PT HAS product on the e-catalogue (LKPP) ?

Absolutely, almost all PT HAS products can be found in the e-catalogue.

How about the warranty for products from PT HAS ?

PT HAS Supply’s products include a 1-year official warranty for damage caused by manufactured defects.

Has the PT HAS product been calibrated? What if the calibration period is over?

Products from PT HAS have been calibrated and are ready to use. For further calibration, PT HAS already has a calibration lab that is ISO 17025 accredited and is ready to help customers who need recalibration.

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For all product purchases at PT HAS, usage training is included and is unlimited.

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